On behalf of the Waipu Centennial Trust Board I would like to bring you up to date with regard to the Waipu Museum development.

At a special meeting on 27 November 2018, the Waipu Centennial Trust Board received the final report with recommendations on the development options for Waipu Museum.

The purpose of the report was to evaluate the feasibility of two options for the development of the museum and to make recommendations accordingly.

The Board noted the recommendation made in the report as well as the advice therein on next steps. The primary recommendation of the report is to proceed with scheme two, that being the acquisition and development of the Hammer Hardware building, paired with minor internal improvements to the existing museum.

The Board formally accepted the report and agreed to make the report publicly available.  No decision on how to proceed will be made prior to knowing the outcome of the expression of interest to the Provincial Growth Fund. At this point, the Board does not know when an outcome will be known but will keep the museum community informed.  As the report describes, there were a range of considerations in making the recommendations including but not limited to: the degree to which each scheme delivers to the strategic priorities and long-term objectives of the organisation; the benefits (especially to the community); the views of those who participated in the consultation; capital costs; operations; and risk.

During the course of the meeting, the Board discussed a range of topics arising from the report including the opportunities and benefits for Waipu, the goals of the museum, the views of those who provided feedback and of key stakeholders, and the practical considerations arising from each scheme.

With regard to the consultation, the Board received all the feedback, which is summarised in the report. The Board will not be releasing copies of the feedback as these are private submissions. The Board would like to reiterate its thanks to all who contributed their views.

The report was prepared by Sally Manuireva Consulting. It builds on an earlier piece of work, the report from which is also available on the museum website.  The report assumes a good level of knowledge about the project. Thanks to all who contributed to this piece of work.

The Waipu Museum Development Phase Two report can be accessed By clicking the button below and will be available in hard copy in the Museum. If you do have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact the Board on

The Board will be in touch in the New Year, and until then I hope you have a happy Christmas.

Kind regards

Ken Couper

Waipu Museum Development – Phase Two report

The final report of the Waipu Museum Development consultation. December 2018.

Waipu Museum Development Information


In March 2018, the Waipu Centennial Trust Board commissioned an option analysis for the development of Waipu Museum.

To see an information sheet on future Waipu Museum development…

Two Schemes – Concept Plans


To provide feedback, please view and print the feedback form. Complete and back send to

Report for the Waipu Centennial Trust Board

By Sally Manuireva Consulting

Findings and recommendations arising from an option analysis of future development of Waipu Museum strategic review

Date of Issue: 19 April 2018 (FINAL)

Waipu Museum Strategic Priorities Document

An overview of our proposed future plans can be viewed below.

Strategic Priorities 2017-2025

The board have been working over the last month to refresh the Strategic Priorities 2017-2025 document with two aims in mind. Firstly to have a high level strategy that can be contained within one page of A4 paper and on the table for reference at every board meeting. Secondly to confirm that we are meeting the challenges that we feel the Centennial Trust Board faces as well as meeting, where possible, the expectations of our Museum “family”.

We would be grateful if upon reading the new draft below, for any feedback you feel is appropriate could be sent to the email link below.

To email your feedback click here

Kind regards Ken Couper