Join us for a spectacular extravaganza of light and sound!

Art & Tartan+ Wearable Art Awards 2025

The Art & Tartan+ Organising Committee have announced the show will take place every two years and the next show will be in July 2025. The event will be in the Celtic Barn located within the Caledonian Park, 39 The Centre, Waipu 0510.

There will be three shows: a magical ‘opening night’ performance, followed by a fantastic afternoon ‘matinee performance’, and finally topped off with an inspiring ‘awards evening’ of light and sound. The show times are still to be confirmed.

Showcasing creative endeavour from around New Zealand. So come on. Let your fancy take flight and step into a world where tradition meets fantasy!

Refreshments are served pre-show and during the interval.

For any enquires please email our team at


Tickets for the 2025 show are not available at this stage but will be online from Try Booking and through the Museum.

The ticket prices are to be confirmed.

Tickets sell fast to this annual event, so get your group together early. Don’t miss out!


If you would like to make a contribution towards this incredible event and its artists, please fill out the form below with your details. Donations of over $100 will be mentioned in the show programme, so please leave clear details of the donor name as you would like it to appear. (code : A&T Show Donation).