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Waipu has a fascinating living history that shapes the town’s character. Here, the people are part of the story, with many locals descended from the original 940 or more early settlers. The phone book is full of names that begin with Mc and street names reflect distant places in the highland homelands.

Discover Waipu’s amazing past

After travelling on an extended journey from Scotland, Nova Scotia, Australia and then New Zealand, the Gaelic speaking ‘Normanites’ from the Scottish Highlands found Waipu. In all, the settlers represented 19 Scottish clans, and their descendants have many stories to share. Check out the migration map and story of these brave pioneers to understand the magnitude of the journey.

Family History and Descendant stories

Genealogy brings families together. Waipu family history research is exciting for people of all ages. The Waipu Scottish Migration Museum collection of descendant stories and documents is so unique it was granted a prestigious UNESCO award; a first for a regional NZ town. In Waipu, history lives, and the story continues, and if you think you might be related to this unique ancestry, get in touch with us at

There is a small dedicated genealogy team at Waipu Scottish Migration Museum who manage the genealogy database, carefully maintaining it with editing and additions. There are Online forms available if you are already on the database and wish to register a new addition to your family or you can make contact with a genealogist to help with checking family records and database searches. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you believe you have a connection to Waipu.

Remember – Make an Appointment The genealogists are not at the Museum every day so it is important to make an appointment if you wish to see one!

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