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Genealogical Research

Is your family on our records?

We are eager to continue to update the records of all families connected to the Nova Scotian Migration

The Waipu Scottish Migration Museum has a vast amount of family records. Approximately 940 people were in the migration to Waipu. Records of almost all these families have been collected.

Museum staff don’t all have access to the genealogy database, but can readily get an answer from one of our genealogy team if they are off site. If a genealogist is on site, we will be happy to search our database for you if you wish to discover your family history.

We are always seeking to add to these records. If you have a connection to Waipu, please contact us or fill in the form below.

If you think you may have an ancestor who travelled from Nova Scotia and settled in New Zealand, in the nineteenth century, we can provide you with information on your family based on records and documentation held in our archives.

Please be aware that information on our charts has been volunteered by family members and sourced from private indexes. It cannot be re-produced (digital or hard copy) without written permission from the Waipu Scottish Migration Museum.

Please Note: It is not always possible to see a genealogist without making an appointment.

Is your family on our records? Make an appointment with Margaret or Donna first. Via email… genealogy@waipumuseum.com

Following completion of our search, you will be advised of the results of our findings and the final cost.

As a guide:

Standard minimum charge $20.00
(Please fill out the online form below with your information so we can determine whether are able to help or not, we will get back to you ASAP whether we can help and if payment is required. This payment must be received before any work is initiated.)

Search and processing
$25.00 per hour

Photos – Copies
A5 $7.50 A4 – $10.00

$1.00 per A4 sheet

Postage and Packing New Zealand

Postage and Packing Overseas
P&P to be advised

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