Upcoming Events

Check out the upcoming events in Waipu:

Art & Tartan+ Wearable Art Awards

The ‘Art & Tartan+’ Wearable Art Awards are the Waipu Scottish Migration Museum’s contribution to this festival. Held annually in Waipu’s Celtic Barn, this extravaganza of light and sound shows off some fantastic entries of wearable art from far and wide and show cases the concept of how much tartan can be seen to symbolise not just the idea of Scottishness but so much more! The many prizes are substantial and the three performances of the show are breath taking, so why not join in as an audience member or gather wearable art ideas from our Art & Tartan+ page and consider becoming a contestant!

Waipu and the Great War – outdoor exhibition.

“Waipu and the Great War” – Waipu sent more soldiers to the war per head of population than any other New Zealand community so make sure you get to visit Waipu while the exhibition story boards are around town.

Waipu Highland Games

Waipu Highland Games are held on 1 January every year since 1871 under the auspices of the Waipu Caledonian Society. Initially held on farms it wasn’t long before the Caledonian Society bought their own piece of land. Situated immediately behind the main shopping area the Caledonian Park is a reflection of the strong community vision which drove the development of Waipu both then and now. The games are jam packed with events so come along and bring your friends.

More info on the games here – www.waipuhighlandgames.co.nz

Winter in Waipu – Festival

“Winter in Waipu” Festival – Get ready to dust off your kilt and don the scarf! This is an annual Waipu Winter Festival with all manner of events and activities. Waipu becomes awash with tartan, pipers, parties, busking and the opportunity for every local and visitor to join in, keep an eye on this page before July for information about the events in this fun packed month.

Waipu Boutique Sunday Market

The Waipu Boutique Sunday Market is held either the 2nd Sunday of the Month or twice monthly. Waipu Coronation Hall 9-1pm the market is guaranteed to draw you in with the aroma of fresh foodstuffs and the wares of local artisans.

The Waipu Street Market

The Waipu Street Market – Saturday or Sunday of long weekends 9-1pm, Waipu’s Main Street and into the Caledonian park and Celtic barn. a great family event with an expanded market of up to 100 stalls, including family entertainment of a Bouncy castle, Live Music, food stalls and displays.