ART N TARTAN - 27 & 28 June 2014  

(There will be no show in 2013). All top prizes are in cash and in 2014, We will Have a total CASH PRIZE pool of over $6500 to be won!

So start dreaming, imagining, planning, designing NOW... for the next, great, Art n Tartan Wearable Art Awards 27 & 28 June 2014.

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Award Structure...

Supreme Award (x1) - $2000 (includes top in category)

Top in Category (x5) - 1st - $500, 2nd - $250

Highly Commended (x3) - $150

College Award - 1st - $200, 2nd - $150

First Time Entry - $150

Masks and other unique prizes - $400 Total

2014 Categories...

Dressed to ‘Kilt’  -  this is our ‘open’ section.  Choose your own theme or concept and create extravagant, completely ‘over the top’ tartan Wearable Art. Create artworks that transcend the every day … indulge your senses with unrestrained excessiveness…. anything goes, so let your fancy take flight.

McKiwi – Explore the synergy, the similarities and the differences between Celtic and Pacific Cultures.

Fireside  - Explore the Celtic Stories of the ‘otherworld’, the rich resource of Celtic mythology and Scottish faerie tales, with its supernatural creatures!

The Celts were tribal warriors who inhabited large areas of Europe but ended up associated with the lands of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Brittany. They were poetic, religious and superstitious, with a deep connection to the earth and its mysteries – they adored story telling - explore the people of the ancient ‘Standing Stones’, the Bardic sagas of Beowolf, and inter-tribal rivalry and conquest!

Masks (children’s section) Create a mask inspired by all things Celtic – ghosites, Kelpies, giants, and brownies  -  to proportions only limited to your model’s body size!

Brave Heart  – don’t think of Mel Gibson! The true Brave Heart is the person who brings courage to the challenges of day to day living. A Brave Heart transforms the mundane into the extraordinary.

The Engine Room  -  The Scots were ‘the Engine room’ of the British Empire -  they were the engineers and architects; they were innovators and problem solvers. You could stick your head in any engine room of any ship in the world, call out ‘Jock’ and someone would answer you!

This is our call to all you blokes and blokettes to turn your mind and hand to a wearable construction.


CLICK HERE to download an Entry Form...


Also In early 2014, we will be offering an optional 'stagecraft and movement' workshop to anyone who is interested in being a part of Art n Tartan, or interested in being a model for it.

This will consist of x3 separate, 3hr workshops, run by professional choreographer Kate Aukett in which you will have the opportunity to learn basic movement and stagecraft skills.

Please email to register your interest.We will keep you posted on predicted dates.


WAIPU IN TARTAN - 29 June - 31 July 2013  

Since 2005 and the beginnings of Winter@Waipu, Tartan Day has been celebrated in Waipu on 1 July.

It has grown to replace winter@waipu as the town’s main winter focus, and now lasts for a few weeks.

In 2013 has been renamed Waipu in Tartan

For this small scottish town, its the time to dust off the kilt, the scarves, the pipes – the town is awash with tartan – there is free shortbread in many shops for those sporting a bit of tartan, and often the Butcher offers a taste of Haggis. There is pipers, and parties, and busking and lots of fun – come and join us.

The Events have been organised by the Waipu Business and promotions Group. Check out The Waipu in Tartan Facebook page or for any updates




2013 CALENDARS - Available at Waipu Museum of entries from years past! All calendar photographs by  Peter Davies, Peter Grant, Steve Molloy >>>CLICK HERE to ORDER ONLINE<<<



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