ANZAC Day Parade and Service commencing 10.40am
from the Pizza Barn

The Waipu RSA intends to conduct the parade and service on ANZAC Day 2015 as usual.

The timetable is:
10.40am Marchers fall in on Cove Road adjacent to the Pizza Barn and march to the Carpark/Church

11.00am Church Service and Commemoration

11.40am Parade falls in at the monuments with the laying of wreaths and RSA Ode

On Completion parade marches to the RSA in Nova Scotia Drive


We are collecting information on descendants, who served in WW1 for the 100 year anniversary.

If you have a connection with any of the men on our list who served in WW1 and have any interesting info/photos or stories of their life, we would love to hear from you. Click on the list to the right.

Please contact Patsy Montgomery

<< WW1 Name List Click Here >>

Some of our Stories are up in Waipu at the moment, there will be more to come so keep your eyes peeled! More images on our Facebook Page...WW1 Story Boards on Facebook

ART N TARTAN - Wearable Art Awards


FEBRUARY 4TH - 7.00pm


Would you like to be part of this prestigious event
being held in the new Waipu Celtic Barn in July?

If so, the Waipu Museum are holding an


Entrants, helpers, models, dressing room staff, stage extras, production assistants

Come along and chat about the new format for this year and the $13,000 prize pool.


Entry Forms Now Available - CLICK HERE>>

Conditions of Entry - CLICK HERE>>

Contestant Information - CLICK HERE>>

'Art n Tartan Wearable Art Awards' - the signature event of Waipu's winter festival - Waipu in Tartan',

The Awards are now in to their fifth successful year and have gained national recognition thanks to a combination of our talented entrants, creative team, award winning judges and extensive media coverage.

We are extending a warm welcome to creative's far and wide to join us in widening our pool of talented and diverse entries for our 2015 show.

Come and be a part of Waipu's unique Wearable arts event with its distinct point of difference - all entries must contain an element of Tartan, be it painted, woven, stitched or engineered... the options are only limited to your own imagination.

The Art n Tartan Wearable Art show is a multi-media performance where the human body becomes a living, moving, breathing canvas.

We are asking you to go deep into your imagination to create a piece of art that challenges what most consider to be wearable. It is not a fashion show, we are not looking for a pretty dress.

The prestige of winning an award alongside other recognised artists is a boost to any C.V not to mention a now handsome prize pool to motivate your unbridled creativity.

The stunning entries for our previous shows ensured a breathtaking experience for the audience.

The 2015 'Sections' have a fresh new format and we are introducing exciting new 'Awards' for the entrants.

The new 'Celtic Barn' is on schedule for the 2015 performance - so - “let your fancy take flight!”

If you are contemplating entering, Please drop us a line early, at we would love to help you out with any resources we can muster and it would be great to get an early idea of entry numbers, so we can plan the next show.

There will be an 'Expressions of interest' meeting on 4 Feb 2015 at the Waipu Fire Station.

For more info, and to stay informed...

Click Here>> for the ArtnTartan Facebook page

2015 Sections...

Salute to Scotland! - An item of wearable art paying homage to the many aspects of Scottish culture. Explore Celtic fireside stories, myths and legends; think about the Scottish diaspora and its impact on the rest of the world; let your imagination roam through traditions, poetry, music, food.... Incorporate at least 25% tartan to give your artwork a real Scottish flourish.

To Our Roots - Many people in Waipu come from different places, different races and multiple ethnicities.Harking back to origins in Europe, Asia, the Pacific and tangata whenua, they are weaving their culture into the magic that is Waipu. Weave a touch of tartan into your creation as you explore your roots and memories of your family’s past.

Dress to Kilt - This is our "open' section. Choose your own theme or concept and create extravagant, completely ' over the top' tartan Wearable Art incorporating 25% tartan. Create artwork which transcends the every day...indulge your senses with unrestrained excessiveness...anything goes!

Engine Room - The Scots are renowned for their engineering skills, and you may enjoy pottering in your bloke's shed, your studio, in a greenhouse or in the garage out the back. Don't leave your inventive creations hiding their light under a bushel. Include a wee smidgin of tartan (the word comes from the Scottish word ‘smitch’ meaning small) and bring your construction out to show Waipu and the world what you can do. The tartan may only be a smidgin but it will still be a significant element in your design. And remember, tartan is a design – it does not have to be fabric...!

Handsome Hats, Heavenly Handbags and Snazzy Sporrans - The traditional Balmoral Bonnet is a rather subdued affair and the sporran a Scottish version of the man's purse so why not head into this year's Art'n'Tartan awards by creating a breathtakingly bizarre hat and/or handbag or flamboyant sporran with a touch of tartan. Let your imagination go wild!

Re-invent, Recycle, Re-use - Construct a fantastic piece of wearable art from any material - plastic, aluminium, glass, paper, cardboard...if it’s usually used for something else you can turn the ordinary into something awe-inspiring. Why not use your creative abilities to turn the mundane into the marvelous or the simple to the sensational by transforming everyday objects into a stunning piece of wearable art, cunningly re-inventing tartan as an element in your design.

Masks (children’s section) Create a mask inspired by all things Celtic – ghosites, Kelpies, giants, and brownies  -  to proportions only limited to your model’s body size!

More info on the Art n Tartan facebook page Click Here>>


Art n Tartan 2014 Results>>



If you are entering Art n Tartan and would like to ad some Waipu Tartan to your creation - Send us and email to order from our Cotton 'Bolt' of the Waipu Tartan - we are offering a discount per meter to contestants. It will be $20.00 per meter as appose to $30.00 per meter which will remain the price for the general public. (The pure wool Waipu Tartan bolt remains at 90.00 per meter - no discount on this, sorry). So if you would like to order from the Cotton bolt, email us at and we can cut some for you - and have it ready to pick up here at the Waipu Museum.



We regret to inform everyone that there will be no DVD produced of the 2013 Grand Pageant.

The sound was not recorded properly at the performance. Our apologies to all involved.

We have sent out emails and phone calls to all those who had put their names down for a DVD.

Sorry if we have missed anyone out!


WAIPU IN TARTAN - 20 June - 26 July 2014

Since 2005 and the beginnings of Winter@Waipu, Tartan Day has been celebrated in Waipu on 1 July.

It has grown to replace winter@waipu as the town’s main winter focus, and now lasts for a few weeks.

Since 2013 has been renamed Waipu in Tartan

For this small scottish town, its the time to dust off the kilt, the scarves, the pipes – the town is awash with tartan – there is free shortbread in many shops for those sporting a bit of tartan, and often the Butcher offers a taste of Haggis. There is pipers, and parties, and busking and lots of fun – come and join us.

The Events have been organised by the Waipu Business and promotions Group. Check out The Waipu in Tartan Facebook page or for any updates



Tel: + 64 9 432 0746

Email Us:
Contact: Waipu Museum
36 The Centre
Waipu 0510
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